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    updated May 20, 2012                    



Bravo is a unique software which has been designed to make it easy for software developers to expand and integrate with their own application or outside applications. 

A software developer may have an existing application or they are creating an application that has an accounting impact.  There is basically the need to send this accounting information directly to Bravo.  Bravo offers DLLs with simple methods to pass the accounting information to the Bravo database or to display a Bravo window.  If you are working with a .Net language we now offer assemblies that allow you to do the same thing.  The assemblies contain a set of simple to use objects that allow the same capabilities that we offer through the DLLs.  Between the use of DLLs and Assemblies it is possible to use any language you are comfortable with and still integrate with Bravo.

It may also be necessary to add features or change functionality in Bravo.  Normally this would cause issues when it comes time to upgrade.  Not with Bravo.  Bravo allows you to isolate your code in your own files and projects.  There is no need to modify the Bravo code to add your enhancements.  This is done without limiting what you can do to the program.  There also are no limitations as to what can be done.  It is possible to add new functionality, change functionality or even send information to another program.  The modifications you have added to Bravo are also automatically available through the DLLs and assemblies.  This way there is never any difference in how the user program works and how the DLLs work.

Leave the accounting issues to the accountants and integrate with an accounting program that does not limit your capabilities. 

Patrick Choiniere
Lead Developer

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